Exciting New Developments...

It's been quite some time since my last blog, and because so much has happened in the intervening months I felt it best to return to it pronto! But where to begin?

Well, BOOK TWO is coming along nicely - slowly, but surely. I'm very excited (and a little bit nervous) about how my new book will be perceived (for reasons which will become apparent) but I'm excited nevertheless.

As for Book One (A Murder Of Crows), well, the success has continued well into 2018. Sales have been very healthy and it recently went to No.1 in the Amazon Scottish Crime charts for the second time, as well as hitting the top spot in other sub genre categories. Then, a shock - it entered the Top Ten in Canada! And I don't mean the sub genre charts, but the mainstream charts. I scored a palpable hit! I was so thrilled I contacted Canadian singer/songwriter Corey Hart (I'm a longtime fan) and he congratulated me and told me that my belief in him had spurred him on with his new songs. I guess even big pop stars like him still have their daily struggles just like the rest of us. 

Reviews for A Murder Of Crows have been very positive (88 reviews on Amazon UK at this point in time, all of them averaging 4.5 stars) but interestingly, some reviews have coined the phrase 'literary crime' when discussing my book. This is only a recent development - I previously didn't know the term or genre existed. But this, and the praise for the character of Alice, has been very illuminating and has helped me to decide which direction to take next as a writer. I'm now very glad I delayed the sequel to AMOC because it will be better for it now, of that I'm convinced. Many writers balk at reviews, but I think both good (and bad) reviews can be helpful if they are written well. 

Now for the bad news. The Halloween project I hinted at a few months ago has fallen through, I'm sorry to say, BUT I have put some contingency plans in place and, well, watch this space - it may well still happen in a different format to the original proposed version. 

And now for some good news. I will be appearing at not one but two writing festivals in the coming months. I am thrilled to say that I'll be sharing the stage with Alan Parks and Charles E McGarry at the Aye Write! festival later this month AND I'll be onstage with Clare MacLeary, Jackie McLean and Tana Collins at Newcastle Noir in May! This will be my first professional appearance south of the border so I'm very excited. For more information on these dates see the COMING SOON part of my website. 

And last but certainly not least, I have written a brand new story entitled Remembering Miss Clare. This is a novelette about an elderly woman who is interviewed by a hack who will stop at nothing to get to the truth, or her version of it. The elderly woman has a deep, dark secret and becomes embroiled in a game of cat and mouse. I'm very proud of this piece of work and I hope you enjoy it too. It is scheduled for release later this year (format to be confirmed) and I hope it bridges the gap somewhat whilst I endeavour to continue writing BOOK TWO.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me here or via my email: contact@ianskewis.com