Halloween... 2018...

So, after all the business of promoting my first book and doing various public appearances I'm now finally getting to grips with BOOK TWO.

I was actually well into writing a sequel to A Murder Of Crows when I realised several things: Writing a sequel bogs you down in the predecessor's history. Now, whilst this is no great insight and no real negative, I began to realise that it was killing my writing. The text was staggered, it wasn't free-flowing, because I kept having to check it for accuracy so that it tied in with what I had written before.  I also felt that it was too soon to be able to be objective. Some projects have to rest before they can be returned to, and given that I want to do Jack Russell justice (in more ways than one, given how I left him at the end of his first adventure!) it seems sensible to let the Crows nest for a while before they take flight again. 

So, there will be a sequel to A Murder Of Crows - but not yet.

Instead, I've started research for a brand new psychological thriller that will become a possible series in the coming years - yes, I'm thinking that far. 

Suffice to say the research and the tentative ideas I have are coming along very nicely. The writing is easier and flowing much more freely, and I've assembled a great new cast of characters, who I hope you will love as much as I do. This new story is every bit as dark and atmospheric as its predecessor (and then some) and there are many great twists and turns along the way. I'm aiming that it has the Ian Skewis trademark (so I've been told) of high drama, grounded characters, and a twisted sense of location. I've prepared a rough draft of the prologue which I will be debuting at Noir at the Bar in Edinburgh on November 30th.

And since it's Halloween I can tentatively announce that this time next year I will be taking part in a very exciting project. But I can't say anything much about it just yet, except that it will be very spooky and a whole lot of fun.

Watch this space, and thanks you for your support.